The is an Alberta-based organic food manufacturing and distribution company with over 50 products produced in our newly built 32,000 sq. ft. plant just east of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Willow Creek is passionate about providing the highest quality and most nutritious foods to help consumers live a much healthier lifestyle, and we blend and package all our products in-house here at our plant.


Try out our Organic whole grains, amazing cereals and quick, easy on the go breakfast options along with our healthy snacks in Organic, Gluten Free, and Nut Free options. We really are all about feeling good. WILLOW CREEK prides itself in providing its consumers with the highest quality of organic products that focus on providing consumers the nutritional support to support their bodies’ daily requirements. Consumers can go and look through our own home-made recipes where nutrition is supported with some of the tastiest dishes you could make from our ingredients. You will find some of the tastiest cookies, muffins, soups, chili, breads and even crackers made with the list of our ingredients.


We really focus on being with the recipes we have developed. Children love our black bean muffins, that taste so good they don’t even know they are eating nutritionally. Our organic Quick Breakfast Muesli Pockets are amazing nutritional breakfasts that you can take for yourself on the go, in your car, to work, school, enjoying your workouts and training while providing the energy you need.

Willow Creek also cares about those children and adults who have allergies, so we have tasty snacks and breakfast cereals that are NUT FREE and GLUTEN FREE.

Our products are not complicated, nor are they filled with many hard to pronounce ingredients or preservatives. We try to keep it simple…Simply Nutritional, in providing you with some of the best quality organic whole grains and seeds that only mother nature can provide. Willow Creek products are free from chemicals and preservatives and are GMO free.

Please take the time to try some of the healthiest breakfast options available. Cook a few recipes with Willow Creek products for yourself, your family and share them with your friends.


It really Whats-inside that really keeps us feeling good  from the products in our packages to the nutrition we consume inside ourselves and the good times we have while sharing them with family and friends. Eat Nutritionally and enjoy a healthy lifestyle with Willow Creek Organic products.