The is a Alberta-based organic food manufacturing company offering Canadian Consumers Certified Organic Whole Grains & Foods. Why from Alberta, you may ask? Well, it turns out that Alberta is the largest Organic producing province in Canada with organic producers growing some of the best quality organic products in the world. Who knew? Willow Creek also has a second organic food manufacturing location in Langley BC. WILLOW CREEK’S VALUE PRICED ORGANIC HERBS & SPICE line which is one of the most affordable Organic Spices and Organic Herbs in the marketplace. We ask consumers to compare our price per gram to other Organic spices in shakers or even in spice bags and see the value and volume we bring. It really is Whats-inside and in this case it’s the volume inside our shakers in comparison to others so that you don’t run out of spices or just pay too much for what you are getting, when cooking larger recipes for your family.

We are concerned about the carbon footprint from our packaging. In turn we took a unique approach. We simply put TWICE the amount of Organic Herbs and Spices in our shakers for similar prices to other competitors who have half the volume.


Our objective at Willow Creek is to share with Canadian consumers a Canadian brand of some of the best quality organic spices and organic whole grains produced in the world through our  recipes which we have developed just for you. We developed our recipes simply to provide excellent sources of fiber, protein, Omega 3’s, complex carbohydrates and various other vitamins and minerals we all require in living a more vibrant, energetic and healthy lifestyle.


Our products are not complicated nor are they sophisticated or filled with many hard to pronounce ingredients or preservatives. We try to keep it simple in providing you with some of the best quality organic products only mother nature can provide. Our Organic whole grain products are free from preservatives, chemicals, and are grown without fertilizers and are GMO free.


Willow Creek’s  recipes were designed specifically for you to enjoy with their fantastic taste, and for you to reap the benefits of the nutritional values they bring, while also saving money.


Please take the time to cook a few recipes for yourself, your family and share them with your friends. Ultimately it really is Whats-inside that really keeps us feeling good from the products in our packages to what we consume inside ourselves.