is proud to help support fundraising efforts of all sports teams, performing arts clubs, non-profit and other organizations across Canada that require funding to support their equipment and facility costs, and many other expenses.


By your support in purchasing Willow Creek’s  Herbs and Spices, 15% of all your purchases will go directly to the individual clubs you purchase these products through. Willow Creek’s goal is to provide needed funding to the various clubs across Canada, but as importantly to help provide the nutrition that will help consumers in building stronger healthier bodies by supporting their nutritional and energy needs.


Our goal is Whats-inside that keeps us all feeling good


What is inside the package ultimately ends up inside the body and Willow Creek has focused our product line to provide solid sources of fiber, protein, omega 3’s and ultimately a full line of complex carbohydrates which provide longer lasting energy than simple carbohydrates from more processed foods. We developed many of our own nutritional recipes for our consumers to show how to cook nutritional organic products with nutritional profiles attached to each recipe at We also share with you convenience use tips that can save you money and cooking time by cooking larger batches of our tasty recipes then freezing them for quick on the go events while providing nutritional meals that are tasty, convenient and organically cost effective.


Contributing to your favourite organization’s fundraising goals while supporting your own nutritional needs is all about feeling good in so many ways. Thank you for your support.