Raelyn MS Medical Costs Fundraiser


The quietness in a hospital at 2 am on this morning provides relief in the mind of a young nurse in the Neonatal care unit. Raelyn a young 25 year old LPN, one year away from her RN degree, moves from one incubator to another with quiet footsteps taking critical care of five beautiful new baby arrivals to this world that are of the tiniest of humanity who came into this world prematurely or with conditions that require 24 hour care. 

Raelyn’s passion for her work and responsibility for these beautiful new souls in a Calgary Alberta hospital goes beyond most.

Her normal 12 hour weekly night shifts are supplemented by her kindness with offering even more hours to work beyond her weekly shifts, to cover the shifts of other nurses in a time of covid.


There is nothing more in life she would want to do on earth than caring for these immaculate new tiny souls of these babies. The parents of these premature infants not only see the compassion and commitment in her eyes and her touch, but they also hear it in her voice with the professionalism that gives them hope and confidence and so much appreciation for them knowing their newly born baby is in the right hands. They continually thank her on many occasions and in some cases bring her flowers to show their sincere appreciation and respect they have for her and who she is as a professional caregiver.


Three days later at 2:45 in the morning while on shift Raelyn slumps to the floor as fatigue overwhelms her, This was different. It felt to her more than just fatigue. She was rushed to the emergency room and herself became a patient of the same hospital she just a few minutes earlier was providing services as a nurse for. Two days later on the morning of November 28th, doctors had given her the news. She has Multiple Sclerosis.

This is a true story of a young woman, a nurse here in Calgary Alberta. This is happening today for Raelyn as you read this piece. The reality she is now settled with is fatigue and growing lesions in her brain that will eventually impact her physical capability and every day actions of someone afflicted with MS unless additional remedies are applied. Doctors have told her she can no longer work the long night shifts that she was working.


Devastated emotionally as she found her hours were then cut and she was moved to daytime shift at the hospital. Her position had changed and her hospital employer then cut her health benefits because of her medical condition that now has moved her to a part time shift. She at a time of where she really required the health care support, now was settled to provide for the costs of portions of her own health care simply to care for herself. She now is settled with taking IV infusions every 3 months that cost her $3,800.00 per visit. This once young vibrant nurse and caregiver must now also go to physical therapy and chiropractic sessions weekly that cost another $260.00 per week. Costs she must pay from her own earnings only because her diagnosis removed her from the health care benefits that previously were covered by her employer in her previous position. She now is also settled with expenses for additional medications monthly that amount to over $400 a month and is also now dealing with the emotional impact such a diagnosis would provide anyone.

Raelyn is fighter and very much would like to do all she can to win this battle including attending naturopathic approaches that would potentially provide her more relief from the onset of the MS. However, this is not an option as it would cost her thousands of dollars more annually to start such therapies. Her mother tries to help with costs as much as she can as well…but there is only so much financially that can be provided. She herself knitted countless mittens and wraps over the years for many neonatal care babies giving of herself in her own way to tiny infants of this hospital.


Quote: “I never anticipated living with a chronic illness… but it has truly provided me with a greater
perspective on life.”   Raelyn….


Passionate life giver, Nurse, young inspiring woman and conqueror of life’s toughest of challenges of the tiny precious infants she cares for and now for herself.  We would like to help Raelyn with your help. The Willow Creek Organic Grain Co. Inc. of Wheatland County Alberta, is proud to offer our services in providing gift baskets full of Willow Creek nutritional healthy organic products in various sizes in order to help raise funds for Raelyn’s current and future medical expenses.  For every gift basket you purchase, Willow Creek will contribute towards Raelyn’s medical expenses and naturotherapy sessions, by donating up to 30% of your purchase dollar amount towards her medical expenses. Not only will you receive amazing healthy organic products to help support you and your families healthy daily lifestyle and nutritional requirements, you also help raise funds to help Raelyn towards raising the medical costs to help heal herself, so that she can go on helping those brand new babies in her Neonatal Care unit which is her life’s compassion. These infants and their parents depend greatly upon her service and her professionalism and deep compassion for the life for their precious infant that still daily goes beyond herself. Let’s make it a win win for everyone by coming on board our fundraising support program. Come enjoy some amazing tasty organic breakfast cereals and whole grains and seeds for you and your family while raising funds for Raelyn.


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